Scattering Ashes at Lindisfarne in Northumberland

Maggi's ashes were scattered at sea near the island of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) off the coast of Northumberland on the 7th October 2011.

Her brother Keith and husband Ian scattered the ashes from a boat in sight of Lindisfarne Castle and Priory at approximately 3-40pm. Maggi's younger brother Keith then read a poem composed by his wife Susan.

Maggi was a healer true
Someone Maggi now heal you
Master of Crystals, Cats and Dreams
Return to Mother's and Father's arms
If you hold that fate is meant
Maggi somewhere safe is sent
And keep your memories of this girl
Margaret our stolen pearl
Susan Tellum October 2011

This is a video of Scattering Maggi's Ashes
It is a windy day and sound is not good.

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